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The toddler in the sandbox in his dripping ice cream cone “I’m So Cool” t-shirt.

The posers in the basement breaking the unwritten rule of Band T-Shirt Etiquette, moshing in the top they bought at the merch table 10 minutes prior.

The grandma at the shore in the boardwalk souvenir shop buying gifts for her grandkids and walking out with her own “Greetings from Asbury Park” t-shirt.

The girl on the street rushing to class in her Urban Outfitters oversized tee at 8:05 to make her 8AM, just like everyday.

The 1983 Walden Woods concert t-shirt from your grandpa’s sister, the LIVE AID t-shirt your aunt won on a radio contest, the worn out Led Zeppelin t-shirt you stole from your dad’s closet, your ex-boyfriend’s San Francisco hot dog t-shirt— the list goes on and on. Okay, this is my closet. But I’m writing with 100% certainty anyone reading this can relate. The timelessness and ease in a t-shirt, assisted by the fact that there are literally hundreds stuffed in your drawers, cause the t-shirt to be one of the most overrated pieces of clothing we know.

However, our favorite article of clothing can also be the most underrated. With the endless number of ways to wear a t-shirt, the naked eye misses many opportunities. Here are a few for you to try:

T-shirts as Dresses

Stuart Weitzman Bigkoko Bingo Leather Peep-Toe Ankle Boots- $345 / Charlotte Russe Faux Septum & Statement Rings Set- $4.90 / Balenciaga Printed washed cotton-jersey T-shirt- $335 / Etro Printed Scarf- $350

Self-explanatory and so easy.  Raid your brother’s, boyfriend’s, dad’s, friend’s, mom’s, or anyone else’s closet you know and graba big t-shirt for this super easy look. Big tees that are long enough to wear as dresses are the perfect look for day trips, school, darties, and narties, and they can be dressed up for larger occasions by adding nice platform sandals, tights underneath, and a cute up-do.


T-shirts Over Dresses

Gucci Leopard Print Cotton T-Shirt- $795 / Chloe Faye Mini Leather and Suede Backpack- $1,870 / Stella McCartney Faux-leather backless loafers- $640 / White Slip Dress

Quite possibly the most versatile look of the list. Throw on a tiny dress and an oversized graphic t-shirt just barely shorter than it right over it and you are golden. The oversized look is so timelessly chic— just ask the Olsen twins. Keep the same tiny dress on and tie said oversized t-shirt at your waist for a slimming and completely redefined look. Depending on the dress and tee, this look can either be kept entirely casual or totally dressed up. I showed up on multiple occasions during my senior year of high school in this look when I’d had enough of trying to look nice (which is a lot, coming from the girl who won Best Dressed for senior superlatives), and I also attended my best friend’s 18th birthday in a black satin slip dress with an oversized black t-shirt thrown right over. Long dress, short dress, big t-shirt, tight t-shirt, tied t-shirt, loose t-shirt— the possibilities are endless.


T-shirts with Dress Pants

Jansport Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack Black Bags- $17 / H&M The Who T-shirt- $17.99 / Rachel Comey Wald Needlepoint Wedge Mules- $500 / ASOS Gingham Tapered Peg Pants- $42

Ambush SSENSE Exclusive Gold Rollie Chain Choker- $565 / Ralph Lauren Lauren Shoulder Bag- Janice Drawstring Bucket Bag- $155 / Dolce Vita Shena Mule- $120 / Queen Band Slim Fit T-shirt- $15

An outfit for the office, an outfit for walking around the mall, an outfit for school— this look is for everyone, everywhere. Channel your inner French gal and effortlessly chic aura, tuck your favorite tight graphic tee into a pair of cigarette trousers, and you’ve got yourself the most put-together, cool outfit you could think of. An oversized tee tied at the waist just above a pair of pleated, high waisted, wide leg pants is adorable and easy and perfect for the beach-babe-meets-Manhattan-millennial.


Don’t let the overrated connotation of the t-shirt turn you off from styling it as a fun, innovative piece.